Carrots should be in any garden. Whenever we have put up a garden the carrot is always included. This slow growing root crop packs a ton of flavor and many health benefits. Not to mention you don’t know living until you have seen a four year old pick carrots until they can’t lift their pile.

To Plant:

Direct sow is the tried and true method. I’m not sure how they would start in a greenhouse, but I’m sure we will give it a try. Be sure the soil is well set with compost and keep them moist.


To harvest, call the kids. Watching kids pick carrots that they waited on all summer is one of the most rewarding things ever. Harvesting is the same as for radish simply grip the greenery and gently yet firmly pull. Occasionally you will need to break out the shovel and dig them up though.


Carrots keep well in a root cellar and can often be held straight through to spring

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