Green/Yellow Beans

Green and Yellow Beans:

Generally these are a direct sow plant. This year I started them early in the greenhouse. We will see how it goes. Either way they are another staple of the garden landscape. Whether in a casserole or simply boiled with butter and milk. These things are great and will always grow here on the homestead.

To Plant:


These are probably the easiest plants to grow simply poke a hole almost anywhere, drop in a seed and away they go. I have even seen them grow in the middle 

of a lawn. In fact I have a volunteer now that is growing in a pot with some strawberries. If you get concerned with yields that’s where you need to start with a nice soil rich with compost.

To Harvest:

With the beans I use a pair of scissors. Because you can harvest throughout the entire season you often will have blooms on the bush. The less disruption these get the better. Continuous harvesting when the beans are ready can encourage the continued fruiting of the bush.


If you are concerned with what goes where, and color of the bean is important label all your starts in the greenhouse. If for some reason it does not get done, don’t worry time will sort it out.

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