Red Currant

Red Currant:

This perennial shrub is new to us as of last year. It produces clusters of delicious bright red fruit that are great in jams, wines, or even just straight off the bush. This is also one of the species that I am actively seeking to propagate in the greenhouse.


To Plant:

Planting of this one was easy, There are a ton of “should do” ways on the inter

net. In our case I simply popped a hole in the lawn, roughed up the underlying soil a bit, and tossed in some compost. Then I sunk in the plant and it has been going strong ever since.



Harvesting is as simple as picking the berries, If they are there and red, grab them before the birds do



Aside from the hazelnut tree this is one of the easiest plants I have come across. You can use netting to foil the birds plans as well.

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