We Currently have 2 rhubarb plants growing on the homestead. Rhubarb is a perennial plant so it grows for us every year. Rhubarb takes some time to establish so you will want to wait out a first year harvest. It prefers full sunlight and temperatures less than 75 degrees in the summer. Our experience with rhubarb is that is will grow in partial shade. It seems to do just fine.

To Plant:

Information that I have found on the internet calls for very large holes to plant this, In my experience they don’t actually need to be that big. Slightly larger than the plant you are planting will do just fine. In the first year you may want to mulch around the new plant to keep the weeding down, once it is established though it really doesn’t mind a few weeds. A layer of compost around the plant on the top of the soil will be plenty sufficient to feed it.


Harvesting this plant is as simple as pulling the stalks gently. We like to slice the stalk with a sharp knife about a half inch above the crown. Be careful not to damage the crown. Harvest the stalks when they are about 8-10 inches long. You will also be looking for a good thick stalk. A thin stalk tells you that your plant is low on food. The harvest window here is about 8 weeks depending on how much you like rhubarb. Be sure to leave some stalks on the plant so that it can rebuild energy for next year. Always throw out the leaves they are poisonous.


This plant should be dug and split about every three years. We have not made it there yet so stay tuned for our experience there.  

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