Strawberries were brought in with the raspberries, and the two lived together just fine for a long time. This year they are separate Since we separated them the strawberries are thriving like they have never before.

To Plant:

Planting strawberries is usually done by bare root plant. I think the seeds can be planted but we have not tried that yet. When planting you want a fertile sandy soil. When I say sandy I’m not talking beach, but a sandy blend with compost mixed in. T

hese are as simple as digging a hole a bit bigger than the root and planting it in. be sure to pat down the surrounding soil and water them in.


Simply pinch the stem above the berry to harvest, and try not to eat them all before you get back in the house. That is the hardest part.


A healthy dose of straw around the berry plants will help lock in the moisture, and deny the weeds a place to sprout. It will also help with rotting fruit.

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