The sunflower is a great annual flower, and gentle giant. This is our first year with these and they are doing great. They are being used in a resting bed but I am sure they will become a fixture in the garden.

To Plant:

These plants can either be direct planted or started in a greenhouse. We started ours in the greenhouse to get a leg up on what is shaping up to be a slow season.


Plant the Sunflower in a good soil mix. Transplant when the plant is about 3 inches tall. Any taller than that and the roots will pack in. After Transplanting keep a close eye on the soil moisture these things are thirsty with a capitol T. They would often dry out before the other plants had even started on their water. Transplant again when they are about a foot tall.

Direct planting:

Because the sunflower is a heavy eater be sure to work in a bunch of compost. Till the soil down for about 8-10 inches. Create a hole with a finger or pencil sized tool. Plant the seed about an inch and a half below the surface. Cover the seed and gently pat the soil. After a healthy dose of water it becomes waiting time.


I really have never “harvested” a sunflower before. What I am learning is that there are a ton of uses for it. I’ll add more when they are grown.


Have poles ready in case some of them lean, they get quite tall.

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