This is a favorite, though not heavily eaten here on the homestead. There is nothing like some fresh tomato though.

To Plant:

Tomatoes are best started early and indoors. This will give you the best head start that you can get. Be sure to have good quality soil for the initial planting and transplants.

When planting into the garden make sure the bed is moist and very well fertilized. Tomatoes eat a lot, and will drain unprepared soil quickly.

To Harvest:

Harvest Tomato when they are plump, and you want to look for about 50-60% red. Snip the vine if harvesting early in the year to avoid damage to the main stem.

Allow harvested tomatoes to ripen in the sun until brilliant red. We like to use a southerly window.


Tomatoes are climbers, there will come a point where the main stem will not support the rest of the plant and the fruit. Use of a cage or trellis is highly advised.

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