Zucchini has been a part of our garden since the beginning. I am completely spoiled on zucchini bread when it comes into season. We also like to slice it thin, dredge it in flour, and pan fry it. Zucchini is a very forgiving plant that lives only to drink water and grow fruit.

To Plant:

We have always started zucchini from seed when the soil warmed up. This is the first year we have started in the greenhouse. Direct planting works very well, and we will see how greenhouse starting works.


We started with good soil, and rainwater. The plants got transplanted when they were about 3-4 inches tall.

Direct Planting:

Just like cucumbers make sure your soil is augmented and tilled down to about 6-8 inches. Poke a hole and set in the seed. The hole should be about and inch to an inch and a half. Back fill and gently pat down the soil on top. Carefully water the new seed and wait.


Like cucumbers we like to use pruning shears to avoid vine damage, but they can be twisted off if you are careful.


Depending on your population of pollinators you may need to play pollinator. This can be done with a simple child’s art paintbrush. Locate the two types of flower and spread that pollen.

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